we\'re going to think twice about what book store we enter...

we're going to think twice about what book store we enter...

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution. 

If you're anything like us then chances are you spent your Christmas binge-watching the latest drama on Netflix: YOU. However, there are some people (six) on this earth who are yet to watch the series. If you're one of those 'lives under a rock' type, here's what you missed. 

Penn Badgley aka Dan Humphries from Gossip Girl plays a bookstore manager who is immediately smitten with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), a poetry grad student and honestly, they might as well called this show Gossip Girl 2.0 because Dan is still obsessed with blondes and being a literary snob, only this time he’s way creepier. 

Anyway, the pair enter a weird, abusive and completely messed up relationship where Badgley's character, Joe literally stalks Beck until they end up dating. You think once he became her boyfriend, he'd stop stalking her, right? Wrong, his behaviour only gets worse. He gains access to her phone, creeps on her emails, texts and group chats. Oh, and he kills her ex-boyfriend and best friend. What fun. 

Now, we get it. That makes for exciting and thrilling television but it also messes with your head. Sure, we're pretty angry at YOU for all those nights sleep we lost out on but all in all, we have to thank the show. It has given us the social media wake up call we well and truly needed. 

1. Never Ever Use Your Credit Card Again

We will now only be making payments in cash from now on. Joe found out everything he needed to know about Beck all because she used her credit card to buy a book. Oh, and because he is a psychopath...he thought she wanted him to. Go in to buy a book and come out with a free stalker? We're okay thanks. Cash only. 

2. Never Live On The Ground Floor

This is the first thing you learn in house hunting 101. We get it, it's New York...you can't exactly be picky with where you live when you're on a budget but seriously, no matter how cheap the rent may be, don't do it. Not only did it give Joe the perfect view into her apartment but it also made it super easy for him to break in and steal her pants. 

3. Always Close Your Blinds

Especially if you're having sex or some alone time. Honestly, the fact Beck didn't close her curtains when she decided to engage in some finger painting of her own really annoyed us. Even creepy Joe questioned why Beck didn't shut her blinds. Surely, it's not that hard to close your curtains or for the producers to give an intern $20 and send them onto Target to buy some. Come on, guys. 

4. Never Go On Social Media Again

Okay, so maybe we're being a little dramatic here but we're definitely changing our accounts from public to private. We're also going to think twice before posting that vague outdoorsy picture or that cute picture of our cat looking out the window because all it took for Joe to figure out where Beck lived was from a photo she posted on Instagram. That is genuinely terrifying. 

5. Always, Always, Log Out Of The Cloud 

Was it just us or did you find it genuinely terrifying that someone can watch what you do on your phone? Beck "loses" her phone (Joe steals it) so naturally, she buys a new one. She doesn't log out of the cloud on her old phone because, honestly, who does? Therefore giving Joe complete access to watching who and what she texts. *BRB just going to log ourselves out of every phone we've ever used.*

After watching You, we think we'll choose to stay single in 2019, thanks.

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