It’s time to get some negotiations going Pisces!


Today is a good time to sort out any family issues that have been building up lately, parental needs and also general household chores that need to be done. Rely on your instincts and take advice from people you trust if making a big decision. Kisses from a special someone could also be on the menu. Lucky you!



Family matters will be the most important issues you will have to deal with today; you might even get an unexpected visit from a brother or sister! Use this time to visit parents or other close relatives. Being in touch with your emotions will help you to decide on the kind of partner that would suit you best.



If you’ve been feeling like you’re at a bit of a standstill in relation to how you interact with the people around you, then perhaps you need to look at how you communicate with your circle of friends. Relationships, with friends or otherwise, rarely work out as planned so if unsettling situations are appearing regularly, then perhaps it’s best to go your separate ways.



Personal problems need to be addressed sooner rather than later, so deal with these once and for all – you will feel better for it. There might be people or someone in particular, in your group of friends who could do with some looking after for a while. Think outside the box when it comes to problem solving today and you may well surprise yourself with what you come up with.



You might find yourself craving a more trustful relationship with the people you are close to. This is most likely a comfort thing where you are looking to create a more secure environment. Warm memories and nostalgia will also be on your mind today. Take any criticism you receive on board, and come up with a way to improve on your performance in the future.



The difficulties Virgo could run into today will probably be at an impasse and regular analytical thinking will not do! You might find that support will come from someone unusual, such as an unlikely acquaintance and they will help you to see things a bit more clearly. A family meeting or catching up with friends is always good.



A sudden interest in visiting another country or meeting someone new might cross your mind. You should be in a good mood today Libra, and overall you will be feeling pretty content. Career wise things are also going well, but be careful about making speedy decisions without properly thinking them through first.



Don’t lose your cool if you are faced with an extremely arduous situation, because you will definitely come up with a plan to resolve it – or you might just get lucky! Despite the amount of flattery and attention you receive, it’s always good to remain modest. Your optimistic attitude and magnetism means it’s great to be in your company!



A conversation involves two people, so if it doesn’t go according to plan, then maybe the other person is just having a bad day (it happens and is allowed!)  If you have a big speech or presentation coming up, then be sure to get the crowd on your side before you begin. Don’t always assume your spouse is the reason behind the chaos you are experiencing; separate work stresses from your home life.



Family and close friends will be number one on your list of priorities for today. Something mundane may get a new lease of life, like equipment in work or a new schedule to your usual routine. Good deeds always come back, so as a reward a surprise boost to your income might be about to happen! Let go of any tension between you and old friends.



Get creative this Thursday and don’t let any potential artistic talents within you, go to waste. Harmony and inspiration will be in full flow today and this will help to widen your imagination. Your pleasant mood will encourage you to make the most of the day, along with encouraging others to do the same.



Work out a compromise or get your negotiating shoes on today, if you don’t feel like having a full-on argument before you’ve even had your breakfast! In terms of romance, don’t let the past stop you from meeting someone great in the future; explore all of your options. If you’re already in a relationship, then things seem to be going well.