you are what you pleat

you are what you pleatZara

*adds to basket*

If you shopped in Zara at least once last season then you undoubtedly came out with one these shirts...or dresses.
You know the one that nobody could figure out whether it should be worn as a shirt or dress because it was slightly on the short side to bare leg it but it was also slightly on the long side to wear it with jeans? For any of you 'know it all's out there that are thinking why don't we just check the tag for what it calls itself...well, even Zara themselves aren't sure whether the garment is a dress or a shirt as it can be found in both sections of the website. 
Unsure whether it was a shirt or a dress, we bought it anyway because no matter how you styled it, it was super flattering. Some of us were brave enough to get the pins out but a lot of us opted for a pair of skinny jeans because hey, the 2000s are back and dresses over jeans was a major lewk back then.
Well, good news because now that shirt/dress has come back to confuse us all over again, except this time in a bunch of new colours. Fully embracing the spring, this best-seller is back in its original crisp white form as well as a versatile black and a statement blue. 
The shirt/dress may have had a spring makeover but it's kept the original price tag. It's retailing for €39.95 and considering how much wear we got out of ours last season, that's pretty good going. 

Contrasting Pleated Blouse Black, €39.95, Zara

Contrasting Pleated Blouse Bluish, €39.95, Zara

Contrasting Pleated Blouse Off-White, €39.95, Zara

Wear with jeans or black tights for a sophisticated office look or ditch the tights and hit the tiles for a suave going out-out look. 
You're going to have to act fast as if last season is anything to go by, this shirt/dress is going to sell out FAST.

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